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China Cheap Ceramic Media Manufacturers - Auto catalyst Euro 4 universal catalytic converter catalyst – Hualian Detail:

When the internal combustion engine is burning, it will produce the main gaseous pollutants and harmful substances that pollute the environment: carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons, etc.

When the high-temperature automobile exhaust passes through the purification device, the purifier in the three-way catalyst will promote a certain oxidation-reduction chemical reaction of CO, HC and NOx.

Among them, CO is oxidized at high temperature to become colorless and non-toxic carbon dioxide gas, which can purify automobile exhaust.

1. Fuel

China has banned the use of leaded gasoline, but in some areas, leaded Antiknock Agents are still illegally added to gasoline, resulting in carbon deposition in the combustion chamber of ethanol gasoline.

At the same time, these lead-containing Antiknock Agents will wash the colloidal carbon deposits in the intake system and combustion system to a certain extent, and these carbon deposits are also easy to block the three-way catalyst.

2. Engine oil

Long term use of oil containing sulfur and phosphorus antioxidants is easy to cause blockage of three-way catalyst.

3. Driving habits

When the car accelerates and brakes rapidly, it produces the most incomplete combustion. Driving on congested roads for a long time and idling time is too long will also cause three-way catalytic blockage.

Consequences of ternary blockage

1. The exhaust emission exceeds the standard

It is easy to understand that the ternary is blocked, and the harmful gases such as CO, HC and NOx will certainly exceed the standard without conversion and direct emission.

2. Increased fuel consumption

When the three-way catalyst starts to block, it will affect the normal operation of the oxygen sensor, so it can not accurately control the fuel injection, intake and ignition, and finally increase the fuel consumption.

3. Power down

This phenomenon is most obvious in turbocharged vehicles. When high-pressure exhaust is required, the three-dimensional blockage causes poor exhaust, which affects the normal air intake from the source and reduces the power of the engine.

If all kinds of effects are superimposed, the power of the car will drop, the refueling is weak, and it will feel bad when running.

4. The engine shakes and often stalls

This situation is the most rare. It only occurs when the three-way catalyst is completely blocked. This is because the exhaust gas cannot be discharged in time, resulting in backpressure backflow, resulting in severe shaking, panting and flameout of the engine.

“Three way catalyst” blockage can be divided into three stages:

The first stage is a slight blockage stage: it only shows that the tail gas purification function is reduced and the tail gas emission exceeds the standard.

The second stage is the moderate blockage stage: the chemical complex has accumulated on the catalyst surface to a certain extent. At this time, the exhaust back pressure increases, the fuel consumption increases and the power decreases.

The third stage is the serious blockage stage: it shows that the power drops seriously and often stalls; In severe cases, the exhaust pipe burns red and even causes spontaneous combustion of the vehicle.

1. Disassembly and washing cleaning method

This method is relatively simple and rough. Go directly to the 4S store or repair shop, tell them what you want, pay the fee, and then wait for the cleaning.

However, the disadvantages of this method are also obvious: the labor cost is high and time-consuming, and the cleaning cost ranges from 500 yuan to 800 yuan.

If the price of replacing a three-way catalyst ranges from 1500 to 8000 yuan, and replacing an oxygen sensor is about 500 yuan, the price is not cheap!

2. Hanging bottle cleaning method

Similar to the medical bottle, the technician inputs chemical cleaning agent to the throttle valve and air inlet of the vehicle in the way of “bottle”, so as to achieve the effect of removing carbon deposition.

99% of maintenance plants will recommend using this method to clean the combustion chamber piston / gas valve / fuel injection nozzle.

However, after understanding the relevant information of the riders, we learned that the “hanging bottle cleaning method” has no significant effect on the carbon deposition at the throttle and piston crown, but it has played a role in the cleaning of the air inlet.


The above methods have their own disadvantages. Either the cost is high and the effect is not obvious, or only a small part of the carbon deposit can be cleaned, and the effect is poor.

Therefore, the removal of carbon deposits and cleaning of three-way catalysis can not only rely on one of these methods, but also regular cleaning is the most effective. It not only helps to improve fuel economy and annual review pass rate, but also saves money, worry and performance.

Taking advantage of the last few days of summer vacation, the old drivers can quickly use up a box of oil on the road, “pull the car again”, come back and use professional cleaning agents to remove carbon deposits, clean the three-way catalyst and restore the performance of the engine!


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