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Metallic Monolith Catalytic Converter

Short Description:

Metallic substrate has the advantages of fast burning, small volume, high mechanical strength, prominent heat-resistance, etc. It is widely used in exhaust gas purification, especially for motorbike.

We can make 100CPSI, 200CPSI, 300CPSI, 400CPSI AND 600CPSI honeycomb metallic substrate in various shapes, Such as round, oval, racetrack and other customized shapes. We constantly improve the quality and service; our products get high reputation from customers.


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1. Material of metallic substrate :



shell material

Ferritic stainless steel SUS444, SUS441, SUS430 and austenitic stainless steel SUS304, SUS316.

core material

Domestic FeCrAl (2073/216) and import FeCrAl (1.4725/1.4767).

braze welding

Nickel-based solder

2. Dimension and Cell density (CPSI):


Cell density (CPSI)

Foil thickness(mm)

Diameter from 28mm to 550mm, length up to 300mm

50, 100, 200,250,300,400,500,600,

0.03,0.04, 0.05,0.06,0.08,0.10

Passing through the strict test of endurance, our motorcycle catalytic converter has met European emission standard, and the economical loss of motorcycle's power could be less than 3%. We could customize the products according to clients' different requirement. Our catalyst is a compound catalyst with rare earth element and noble metals of PT, Pd, Rh, when the exhaust is passing through the three-way catalyst, the CO would be oxidized into CO2, the HC is turned into H2O and CO2, and the NOX is deoxidized into nitrogen. Metal carrier catalysts are made in metal honeycomb carrier with stainless steel crust and Fe-Cr-Al core, it is widely used in motorcycles and off-road engines.

Major technical indicators

Light-off temperature


Conversion efficiency

Coating desquamate rate

T50(CO)≤230   T50(HC)≤260       T50(NOX)≤250


CO≥85%       HC≥80%     CO≥85%


Product main characteristic: 

1. Catalyst type: Platinum, palladium, rhodium, and other precious metals and rare earth elements of the compound catalyst. 
2. Catalyst substrate: Honeycomb ceramic substrate, metal substrate. 
3. Excellent coating for solid, lasting and stable catalytic performance. 
4. Advanced technology and packaging techniques carriers to ensure reliable thermal shock and mechanical stability. 
5. Variety, complete specifications, customer requirements and may be based on technical parameters for matching the meet different client needs. 
6. Compatible with all vehicle matching the installation design.
7.Can meet Euro3,Euro4 or CARB,EPA standard.


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