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Chery and Jingdong Auto Mall strategic cooperation to explore the new auto retail model

On February 13, 2019, Chery Automobile and Jingdong automobile mall jointly announced the establishment of a strategic cooperative relationship. The two sides will focus on the third to sixth tier automobile market and jointly explore a new automobile retail model from the fields of finance, vehicle source, big data and so on. According to the plan, Chery Automobile and Jingdong automobile mall will connect manufacturers, automobile manufacturers and users through online and offline combination, and carry out new automobile retail business in the way of lightweight, sinking, intelligence, platform and providing logistics services, so as to solve the problem of low marketing efficiency in the third to sixth tier automobile market.

According to relevant people of Chery Automobile, through cooperation with JD auto mall, Chery automobile can expand sales network and channels, enrich application scenarios, more accurately cover users, effectively solve the marketing blind spots under the traditional mode, provide users with a more standardized and convenient car purchase platform, and greatly reduce users’ non monetary costs in the process of car selection and purchase. In addition, Chery Automobile and Jingdong automobile mall jointly explore new automobile retail, which is expected to boost Chery’s sales growth in 2019.

“Unlimited scenes, boundless goods, boundless people and enterprises”. As a new exploration of boundless retail in the automotive industry, JD Auto Mall aims to build a one-stop standardized automobile consumption sharing channel platform. By building a new channel model with channel as the basis, transaction as the body, finance as the blood and data as the soul, it can effectively connect manufacturers, automobile manufacturers, e-commerce and users with its lightweight The advantages of sinking, intelligence and platform have become an effective supplement to the traditional 4S sales model. Under the new operation mode, JD auto mall will give full play to the genetic advantages of the platform, fully empower channel providers in terms of brand, vehicle source, capital, flow, marketing and it system, and bring more convenient, intelligent, transparent and satisfactory one-stop consumption experience of buying and using cars to automobile users. JD Auto Mall empowers its partners to enhance their sales, service and profitability, so as to greatly improve the market share of auto brands.

Post time: Sep-23-2021