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Major breakthrough! Cummins releases quasi zero emission technology of diesel NOx in the future

On September 20, the international commercial vehicle exhibition (IAA) in Hanover, Germany was grandly opened. Cummins (NYSE Code: CMI) released innovative technologies that can achieve quasi zero emission of nitrogen oxides and reduce carbon footprint.

In the technology exhibition, Cummins focused on a conceptual emission control system. The system can reduce emissions to unprecedented levels and even meet the euro 7 emission standards expected to be implemented in the next decade. Cummins combines this conceptual emission control system with the latest intelligent electronic technology, representing another revolutionary leap of diesel engine.

Tim Proctor, executive director of Cummins product management and market innovation, “This innovative system can further reduce NOx and particulate emissions and improve fuel economy. Several other innovative technologies developed by Cummins to reduce resistance and friction loss will also continue to promote the development of diesel engines in a more energy-saving and efficient direction. In addition, by improving the function of design tools and adopting advanced materials such as composite materials, it will maintain At the same time, it reduces the weight of parts and further improves the working efficiency of vehicles “.

Proctor said, “Although Cummins is carrying out electrification projects in full swing, another key message we want to convey in IAA is that diesel engines are not stagnant. With our technological progress, we believe that diesel will still be the main power source in the field of commercial vehicles in the foreseeable future. Cummins is committed to different models, task cycles and businesses of customers Provide corresponding power solutions as required.

This conceptual emission control system being developed by Cummins integrates turbocharged air management and emission post-treatment into a single tight coupling system, and is equipped with a new rotary turbine control (RTC) technology. This new design makes full use of Cummins’s latest technology in the field of air and thermal energy management, which can make almost all NOx emissions undergo selective catalytic reduction (SCR) After the system acts, it is quickly converted into clean gas.

Post time: Sep-23-2021